The Art of Manufacturing

Satryani’s expertise is transforming dreams into wearable items that stir the fascination of people all over the world. Whether it’s for beauty, glamour, or prestige, we are passionate about the art of making shoes. Our goal is to produce the most luxurious lines of footwear with the high quality that your company demands, needs, and deserves.

At Satryani we use leather as our main material. We believe that in addition to strength and durability, leather gives our products a touch of sophistication, making them unique, and offering maximum beauty and comfort. For Satryani, the quality of the raw material is paramount. That is why we carefully choose our suppliers.
The production of exclusive footwear is complex and requires the use of the most advanced technology. Our production plants are equipped with top of the line, high-performance machinery that allows to perform precise cuts that give structure to our footwear and accessories. In this way, we show our appreciation and respect for the raw material.

Attention to detail leads to perfection.

The production of exclusive styles requires the unique talent of skilled craftsmen. Their expertise allows for a seamless translation from design to production in order to satisfy the desire of the most fervent shoe lovers.

Develop your shoeline with us.

Exclusive Heels
Skilled craftsmen